Roger Morrissey

Vice President

Roger Morrissey joined Realcorp in January of 2015 as a Vice President. He holds the SRA and AI-RRS professional designations from the Appraisal Institute. The Appraisal Institute awards designations only to its members who meet the highest of standards, including education, experience and examinations.

Roger graduated from Creighton University and has over 30 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. He served as the Douglas County Assessor from January 1999 to January 2015. Roger has been an adjunct professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

In 2003, Roger was presented with the Rho Epsilon’s Man of the Year award. The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s real estate fraternity gives this award to the person who “has advanced and perpetuated the standards of service, knowledge and integrity in the field of real estate.” In 2019, he was inducted into the CRE Summit Hall of Fame. Each year, the Commercial Real Estate Summit recognizes outstanding men and women of our community who have made an impact on the commercial real estate industry.

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What is an appraisal?

A home purchase is the largest, single investment most people will ever make. Whether it’s a primary residence, a second vacation home or an investment, the purchase of real property is a complex financial transaction that requires multiple parties to pull it all off.

Most of the people involved are very familiar. The Realtor is the most common face of the transaction. The mortgage company provides the financial capital necessary to fund the transaction. The title company ensures that all aspects of the transaction are completed and that a clear title passes from the seller to the buyer.

So who makes sure the value of the property is in line with the amount being paid? There are too many people exposed in the real estate process to let such a transaction proceed without ensuring that the value of the property is commensurate with the amount being paid.

This is where the appraisal comes in. An appraisal is an unbiased estimate of what a buyer might expect to pay – or a seller receives – for a parcel of real estate, where both buyer and seller are informed parties. To be an informed party, most people turn to a licensed, certified, professional appraiser to provide them with the most accurate estimate of the true value of their property.

Although not required on every appraisal, the appraiser is usually asked to inspect the property.  They will observe such things as bedroom and bathroom locations and note the quality and condition of the property.  The inspection often includes a sketch of the property.

Once the property has been inspected, an appraiser uses up to three approaches to estimate the value of real property.